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The only thing I recommend besides buying one of these, is buying TWO! With a newborn, and washing as much as you have to... a few times I’ve needed this for bedtime and forgotten to wash it or had to wait for it to dry (washes and dries very nicely too!)..

so my only regret is not getting more!  Gab 

Our baby was more restful with the Cozy Cocoon swaddling as opposed to traditional swaddling. No matter how tightly we swaddled her in a blanket, she would bust loose and then later startle awake. Sometimes swaddling made her agitated, but with the Cozy Cocoon on she’d go peacefully to sleep. For my baby these ran small, so I would suggest getting a large unless your baby is especially tiny. We enjoyed using this when she was 2-4 months old (we would have used it sooner and longer but didn’t get one until 2 mo).  Jenny
I can't say enough good things about it. I bought one before my baby was born in hopes he liked being swaddled for any length of time (unlike my other kids). Well, thankfully he loves to be swaddled but part of that I think is just due to the Cocoon! Like other people I’ve read before have said, my baby immediately calms once I start to put on his cocoon, before I even roll it all the way up! He has gotten to know what I’m doing and even that calms him! Before this, I had only used blankets to swaddle and there is no comparison. WELL worth the money I paid for his and then some. As far as sizing goes, these do seem to accomodate a growing baby well because of how stretchy they are. Like they say, this is like a stretchy t-shirt material, lightweight and not too warm. It works perfectly over a sleeper for nights at our house. My baby is now 8 weeks old and until recently, was in his cocoon throughout the day. Since he’s gotten to where he likes to play and kick in the day, now he only sleeps in it, but if I don’t put it on him before bed, he is NOT a happy camper! I ordered a size small, because my kids have been average size at birth but he came out 9.4 and 22 inches long and this cocoon is still fitting him 8 weeks later, though much more snug. ;) He can get his arms and hands out of it if he wants them free, and sometimes just prefers to keep them tucked in and cozy all night. I am writing this review because I was looking to purchase a 2nd one in the large size so he can wear it even longer.  Candice
I bought this after finding out that swaddling my babe was how I was getting her to sleep 6-7 hours. She’s 2 months now and 13 pounds and as soon as I swaddled her at week 7 she went from waking up every 3 hours for a bottle to sleeping 6+ hours in the night. I got the Cozy cocoon and now my babe won't go down in her swaddle me anymore. One night I put the swaddle me back on her b/c this was in the wash and she fussed for an hour until I went in the dirty laundry and got this out.   She was smiling while I was putting it on her and was content when I put her down. She loves this thing and she doesn’t sleep good without it. It doesn’t constrict her like swaddling does, she can move her arms and even suck her thumb without her arms coming out of it. I just wish it came in a bigger size than large b/c it’s snug on her already.  Megs

btw- it comes in  large size & will fit up to18lbs!
I have been using this with my newborn for the past 3 weeks and it's a favorite for both of us! When our baby was born 6 lbs., 3 oz., she was too tiny for her other clothes. We bought this to hold us over until she grew bigger. I now own the preemie size but I’ve registered for size small and large as well! It’s easy to shimmy onto her, is cozy like a swaddler but can’t unwrap which makes me feel safer letting her sleep in it. It’s also the perfect weight - warm, but light enough for in-between summer nights. I’m also going to buy one for an expecting friend! It really is my favorite baby item right now.  Marvela
Thanks so much for a great product. I Love these! The Cozy Cocoon was such a wonderful tool to help my infant baby boy sleep sweetly and soundly.  We used his for more than a few months and now I buy them as shower gifts for all new moms to be.  The organic cotton is a great option to have especially when considering what a tender  little body that it will be wrapped around.  Thanks again!   P.S. Your company has been a pleasure each time.  Your customer service is always helpful and I received my order in no time.  Thanks again. With much gratitude!  Kelly 
Cozy Cocoon I just wanted to thank you for exchanging the cocoon for my daughter. Now I can get it on her and let me tell you she loves it!! We definitely will be buying more and will spread the word about the Cocoons and your fantastic customer service. Here is a photo of how much she loves it: Also, FYI my husband is a bit of a celebrity a music producer, former president of Virgin Records and the former drummer for Tears for Fears and Dire Straits.
                                                                                Best! Sasha
I receivved my package in the mail yesterday and I cannot put into words how pround I am of them. They are absolutely adorable. The sets are incredible. It's worth every penny. And your service was incredible  I have already purchased 2 more. I plan on having the whole collection. I have told several people about them and they are in amazment. I really wanted to let you know how lucky I was to have found you. You probably don't get enough praises. I felt like I should tell you how utterly pleased I am.  I would really like being e-mailed when your new products are available.  I am a Cozy Cocoon lover for life.   Blessings Alecia 
mermaid.jpg To the Designer/Creator of the COZY MERMAID,
When I found out I was pregnant with a baby girl, my son, Luciano, kept telling me that I had a mermaid in my belly. I started searching for newborn mermaid outfits and was amazed and excited when I found the "Cozy Mermaid". It was the perfect outfit for my daughter to be shown off in by her big brother. He is so proud of his little mermaid sister Amelia. I have attached a picture of our mermaid baby along with a HUGE THANK YOU for your creativity! 
Sincerely, Melanie
The Cozy Cocoon works much like a swaddling blanket,
yet there is no need to learn to wrap, as it is sewn perfectly to gently place the baby inside for swaddling. It does not wrap tightly around the infant, but is snug enough to keep them cozy, as the name implies.

The Cozy Cocoon Baby Bunting helps to comfort baby and keeps them from jerking them self awake when they are fast asleep. Baby feels at home, as if she is still in the womb, because it holds her close and keeps her feeling warm and secure. This makes for a happy baby; and as we all know, when baby is happy, mommy is happy!

One of the noted benefits I have enjoyed is that of ease in nursing my infant.
I am sure you have witnessed the same as I have, the way an infant will be nursing and then get their little hands in the way, or will push away without aiming to, or will almost be asleep and then will jerk them self awake, in a reflex movement and then you have an upset baby instead of the content little one you had moments before. The Cozy Cocoon bag removes all of these problems, by gently tucking her arms inside, for a snuggly feeding and rest time. This allows baby to latch on easily, remain latched on throughout the feeding and then fall fast asleep with no interruption.

Made of lightweight cotton material, it is great to use in all weather. Baby will not become too warm in the summer and it will fit over warmer bed attire for winter months. It is also easy to care for. When it becomes soiled, simply launder it as you do your other baby clothing and it will come out looking fresh and new.

The makers of the Cozy Cocoon have taken great care in making them out of beautiful organic materials that are so darling on a little one. I find the Cozy Cocoon to be very attractive in look and design. This product also comes in an adorable leopard organic print, so you can adjust according to your taste and needs.

I find this set to be great for naptime, cuddle time, feeding time, fussy times and for after a bath. My baby will cuddle right up the second it is on and will calm down for a peaceful rest within moments. There are no snaps, velcro or buttons to worry about, so placing it on them and removing it is a breeze and can be easily done without disrupting their sleep.

Trisha V. - The Family Review

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